Thursday, September 8, 2016

I could not resist...I am so excited to see some of the matter pics we did today! THEY ARE THE CUTEST!

Today we learned that matter is anything that takes up space.  We will start looking at the different properties of matter and create a matter board later in the week.  Thank you for sending in your trash!

These were created with the app Chatter Kids. I love how it brings oral language, content, technology, and fun all into one product. Kids were to pick a piece of matter and bring it to life by "giving it voice" to explain why it is matter! Check out these great examples!

More to Come...


  1. Yeah! I really like that you can listen to the depth of understanding for each. I started thinking about what probing questions I could ask each student to dig deeper.

    Are you also posting on a class blog, or in Google Drive as digital artifacts of learning?

    Wondering what it would be like to repeat at the end of study in hopes of deeper responses...

  2. I am posting samples on my blog. In addition, each student has their own see saw account that they are creating a digital portfolio. I haven't shared these yet with parents, becasue a few kids are still struggling to get the product posted. I have learned that with 1st graders it is all about little nudges, and not big leaps!

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  5. These are great. You truly know what their level of understanding is. Do the students know that their work is being shared outside of their classroom?