Wednesday, September 14, 2016

One month in...

I can't believe its the fourth week of school. Time is flying! We've already begun working on personalizing learning using Allowing kids to have some control over their pacing and providing individualized instruction for #everychild to meet their needs has been empowering them. It's been fun to see them engage in the activities and see where they take their learning! 

I've been working with teachers on planning QR activities/Google hangouts, and other digital activities for Teen Read Week in October, and we're really starting to see kids responding well to integrated digital activities after adding a tech apps course on campus!

I walked away from ISTE with a massive list of ideas and possibilities, and as I've talked with others, they had the same reaction. So many ideas, so little time to try things, but I've decided to take small baby steps so it's hopefully not so overwhelming. 

There's a TON of digital resources I want to try from VR like Google Expeditions to AR booktalks and book recommendations. We'll be trying lots of things at SOMS, but the first real "risk-taking" for me will come during Teen Read Week (early October). I'll be trying some AR activities and we'll do a Pokemon QR scavenger hunt for books as we celebrate "Reading Just for Fun!" 

Reading Innovator's Mindset this summer helped me really look at my practice as a teacher and think about ways to really empower my students, create innovative practices, and help students begin to take more risks with their learning. So often our kids don't want to try or are afraid to make mistakes because they think it'll mean their "dumb or stupid or a failure" when that is the exact opposite of what we want them to think. Helping students to overcome their fears, take risks, and try new things must be modeled...WE need to take risks, try new things, and be innovative in our practices to help our students become empowered learners who strive to continuously improve. It's a work in progress, but as I said steps!


  1. How exactly does work: what do teachers need to do for this, what have you seen it used for?

    1. It's a resource where you can create playlists of activities and assign the playlist to whole classes or individual kids. They have a bank of resources within the site, or you can add your own activities you find from the internet or that you've created. It works with Google so we use forms a TON for assessment and more. We've used it for science, math, and ELA, but there's content for most anything in there!

    2. Forgot one of your's FREE, so teachers just need to create an account and then, like Edmodo, create classes and get their class codes so kids can connect to the teacher!

  2. Nearpod also has virtual field trips that were interesting.

    I hate to fail because I think it will make me look dumb, in fact, I usually will choose the path of least resistance if anyone is looking. That's why I know that relationships are so important. I will fail hard in front of those I trust, and laugh!

    Keep on fighting the good fight!

  3. Taking risks is HARD! It is so much easier to stay in my little comfort zone. Then let's add in the little issue of middle schoolers wanting to always look cool, and it can be frustrating for the student and the teacher. But the rewards of the risk are so worth. Keep up the hard battle!