Thursday, September 22, 2016

Making the Move into Week 5!

We have hit the first 5 weeks with a great stride. It has taken a little bit of pre-planning and a lot of practice to get kids use to using the devices. I have found that the best way to manage the sharing of devices was to put them in groups. Each student has a a group and an assigned device. In their group, they are able to all have a time to serve as captain of the device (a job that rotates and is very important in the life of a 6 year old!). We have managed to create some wonderful products with the app Chatter Pix and Popplet. As I was worried about loosing some of the other foundation skills for the place of technology, we have been able to integrate writing. Students have to write their thoughts and then use to guide what they say as they produce their learning. I have seen a big increase in their confidence to speak, and share by simply sharing within the app and the product they created. I have always believed, their ability to verbally share their thinking shows their level of understanding. Using the camera and the recording devices has helped me as a teacher assess the level of understanding. In addition, their has been big successes for kids that might struggle in other academic areas. They are able to be successful with the devices and produce, because it is a different way. There is no way that the students can say the first 5 weeks have been boring! Reading, writing, creating, and moving about sum it up!

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  1. So glad to hear you say that writing hasn't been lost. I agree that getting some thoughts down on paper before recording is so necessary - for me at any rate. I have to take at least three takes of a video if I don't have a script. Looking forward to seeing how students start to incorporate use of these tools into their learning on their own - they can be so creative!