Thursday, September 22, 2016

One month in..

Trying to manage 3 itslearning classes is A LOT, but students are starting to grow in their knowledge of navigating the system.

Food science is completely online and students are getting better on every lab at working in a group. The first lab report was a mess as many students didn't know how to share a google presentation with each other or how to turn it in with a link. Inserting pictures into the slideshow report caused issues. After the first lab and going through the process, the second lab was a breeze for students. I like having them submit some of their lab reports as a group google slideshow and then presenting the information. I'm able to see what misconceptions all the students have and we can have a conversation after the presentations about what was good and what needs work for their next presentation. Students are also working on their presentation skills.

Pre-AP chemistry and AP chemistry currently just have their agendas on itslearning with links to worksheets, videos and homework.

In pre-AP chemistry, I think I want to do self-paced flipped starting in the next nine weeks. Students will complete the tasks at their own pace (but they will have a date of the test). If they fail a quiz, they will have to come into tutorials during lunch or after school. They will have some options on which labs/activities they want to choose to personalize their learning. If they finish the required material before the test date, they will have three options. 1) They can do the other labs/activities that they didn't choose the first time  2) do peer to peer tutoring to help students that are stuggling on a topic or 3) Take the test early and then work on a project/lab that brings in multiple concepts that we have covered.

In AP chemistry, I plan on using itslearning more to make pre-quizzes and pre-tests that students will take to gauge their learning.

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  1. Students choosing which labs to do? Say it ain't so! :) Love the idea, and can't wait to hear about management of the labs and supplies and whatnot, which I think would be a big hurdle.