Thursday, September 22, 2016

Don't Believe Me ...Just WATCH!

I wanted to be innovative with my classroom room this year. I wanted to be different. I want to make people pause and take a look. Make people think...I can do this too. So I believed it needed to start with the classroom set-up. I was so grateful when Mr. Moore gave me his red couch for my classroom.  I was ready to put in the front of the room as I saw in this photo below. My VANtasy classroom.

When I was in my classroom moving desks out and furniture out. I stared at the couch. I stood there for a good ten minutes battling in my head-"put it to the side of the ACTIVboard" and "No, put it front in center." I then I realized why worry, jump in, do it and I did!

Students will want to learn, want to read, want to be in the couch for learning (and mucking about). Look how the couch is such a magnet for learning. 

We also were able to jump right into doing tech projects with ease. I was thrilled to know that most of my students knew their username, password, and were able to independently log into a Google Chromebook. This is all thanks to the great work of Ms. Marshall!
The students created trading cards about themselves from BigHugeLabs as a way to introduce themselves to each other. The students also created face mapping projects about historical people who influence the common good with Morfo app. We also used an augmentative reality app for International Dot Day called Quiver app


  1. I love your classroom!! I think I want to hang out in there... It looks so inviting!

  2. A comfy place to congregate - every room should have a couch. I might need to get one for my office!
    Getting out of our own heads is the one of the biggest challenges. Looking forward to sharing in more of your successes!