Thursday, September 22, 2016

Moving Ahead.... what week is this already???  The year is flying by and it's been a whirlwind of new implementations, new directions, new ideas added to the challenge of what "old" ideas to maintain.  

Here's our year so far:

  • Students have been actively involved in sharing and collaborating online with classmates and teachers.  For many of my students, this experience is new to them which has made the journey very enjoyable for me.  Seeing their excitement and their desire to complete what really is a hidden "assignment" has been the most fun.  I am looking forward to watching their academic growth along with their personal growth within this new arena.
  • We have created students accounts within a variety of applications where students access work, complete research, share ideas.....again, just another way of doing the same old thing but in a new way, while allowing them to see what their peers think and to self-monitor what they are learning along the way. This has created some feelings of competition between a few students while providing an outlet for some of those more reserved students to share what they really know.  
  • On the planning side, our campus planning initiatives have created some restraints, but nothing we can't work around.  The planning time within our team is very directed and the curriculum dashboard is very traditional.  In our "mingle,mingle,mingle" game today I came to realize this year's biggest challenge for me may be time. . . time to plan for a more blended classroom, additional time to revamp an activity that does not meet the goals I have set for myself and my students.
Five week Celebration checkpoint.....NO classroom discipline issues, many days of students asking to stay (for no reason that is academically necessary other than wanting to be there and wanting to keep working), frequently adding new applications & having students keep up with the challenge, LEARNING about new applications all the time and not reaching the point of "it's too much", and learning that if I set the alarm for 4:00 I can build in an extra hour each day ;o)

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  1. Allowing students to reflect, self-monitor and share their learning with their peers is huge. I appreciated that when I was in your classroom. You didn't answer the questions, you allowed the students to answer each other's questions. That seems like a tiny shift but is so important. Time is the challenge - just don't hit snooze, and you'll make it. :)