Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ready to learn

This year I am teaching eight graders and is different... 
I have been teaching sixth grade for so long I forgot that I need to work for their trust and appreciation. The students are normal teenagers, just like most, friends are the most important thing, learning comes second to being cool and respect is earned not blindly given to anyone. This has been a great learning experience. Teaching is all about learning, stretching and growing. I love the challenges that life have given me so far and appreciate the opportunity to fail and try again. This year in particular I want to fall and get up quicker than ever. I want to fail and learn faster than ever. This year I want my brain to tickle everyday!! 
How can I get my students to learn? Showing then how learning looks like. The struggle and the satisfaction of learning, they need to see the process and I am willing to model it. I will try new things. I will empower them to find their passion. I will help them focus on getting to a successful place academically and in life. I will guide them to see the world as their canvas and show them that they don’t have to think outside the box because for them THERE IS NO BOX. We worked on building a culture of collaboration and respect, now is time to launch. I am looking forward to incorporate these amazing tools into the classroom and see them strive.

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  1. Can't wait to read about your brain tickles and the ones you help your students experience!