Thursday, September 22, 2016


Over all the beginning of the year has been a great success!
Some highlights/events to note:
  • Implementation of itsLearning- it has taken some getting used to but I feel as if my students have finally learned how to (mostly) navigate though the platform and find information as needed. Although I do not feel it is entirely user friendly for middle schoolers, I think it can serve as a great starting point for many things. I hope to receive more training and become more versed in this resource.
  • First menu project for the year- I was really able to get a feel for the learning styles of many of my students by starting the year with a group project. I can see what type of projects they are more comfortable with, gravitate to, who is more tech savvy and who is more hands on. I feel like I will be ale to adjust and cater to kids who need more support in the future.  

  • Flexible Seating- I have encouraged my students to embrace flexible seating but I am not sure if it is quite taking off. Some are eagerly grabbing a clip board and sprawling out on the ground where as others are still afraid to get up from their chair without asking. I do have a few that prefer to stand at the back table to complete their work. I think if I add a few more options or model myself, I may have a few more takers. :)
  • Padlet- This was a fun resource we have used in our meetings and I wanted to try it out with my kiddos as an introduction activity. It was very user friendly and they immediately took to it!
  • QR codes- I have played around with QR codes and my students seem to love them! I hope to find others fun uses for them soon. 
  • Nearpod- After going to an informational during the summer, this looks like it could be very awesome! I would consider this like a presentation on steroids. If I had the resources for my students to each have a device, it would be a very interactive way to get immediate feedback and assessment of students. I plan to try this out in table groups to start but it will not have the same interactions as I would like the kids to have. 

Thanks for reading and I love all the ideas that I am able to get from everyone in this group.  Thank you again!


  1. Awesome that you're jumping in with both feet and you haven't yet drowned! We have big plans to make training in itslearning more accessible for you. Loving that you've given it a "go" on your own. and, of course, it appears you missed an opportunity to learn more about the space on your campus this aftenroon while you were with us! :-(

    Like how you're making observations about the learners in your classroom and testing new tools simultaneously! Hoping you'll share deeper on how you're using QR codes to facilitate learning and how students are accessing them - with their phones, class iPads in future posts! I wonder ... are your learners experiencing flexible seating in other classes? Might that inhibit choice? How might you learn more...

  2. We had Nearpod out this past week, and I learned that you can set up a self-paced Nearpod so the kids can work on it individually or in groups. This might be a great work around for your limited devices. We can support your work in many of these platforms - excited to collaborate with you!

  3. I like how you are thoughtfully considering your modeling of flexible seating, to spur on more students to take advantage of the opportunity in your class. I too, am excited to learn more about how you are using QR codes in your classroom. Maybe you could incorporate them in to your menu projects in the future. I look more to learning from you!