Saturday, August 27, 2016

We make plans and God laughs.

“We make plans and God laughs” has been the theme in my professional life lately.  However, I to be more precise, I think God is actually rolling on the celestial ground laughing so hard he is crying the moment I think, “okay, I’ve got a plan. I’m feeling good about this!”.  

Getting bogged down in the negative of the obstacles in our paths isn’t going to be the road the NHS Vanguard team takes on this journey.  We have decided to be steadfast and constant in who we are and always choose to move forward the best way we can.  No matter what comes our way this year we are going to...

Be committed.

Be adaptive.
Be learners.
Be present.
Be flexible.
Be ethical.
Be brave.
Be nice.

Just one week in and I can already sense that I will need a clone and a few divine miracles to get it all done.  Theodore’s mantras and prayer are the go-to(s) that will aid me in striving to do right by my little learners and colleagues (aka, big learners) this year and beyond. Dare greatly Vanguard Cohort 1...dare greatly!

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