Thursday, August 25, 2016

SAY CHEESE... putting the iPad cameras to good use!

After attending ISTE, I was overwhelmed with ideas.  Where to start and what to focus on?  I loved the idea of using the camera on the iPads to allow students to produce their learning in new ways that engage and inspire.  What 6 year old doesn't love taking pictures, and seeing themselves in pictures?  With 8 devices and 24 kids, I had to give a lot of though to routines and fairness (you know when you are 6 it all about "my turn").  Yesterday, yes the 3rd day of school, we got ourselves organized in groups and went to work.  I built groups of 3, and gave them each a job.  The iPad captain will rotate each time, while the other 2 members in the group served as "hunters".  We set out to find where numbers were in the real world (ie school grounds).  After taking lots of pictures, the kids came back in and shared their learning.  All students completed a writing assignment and were full of good schema!  The next step will be to use Popplit to sort their findings.  I hope to use the first 9 weeks of school to give the kids access to the new apps and practice to create.  I think the possibilities are endless!  I can't see what will happen next.


  1. I can't wait to see what happens! Please share some pictures, I'd love to see the out-of-focus, on a slant, absolutely amazing photography of these little darlings! The possibilities are endless - way to get started with a bang!

  2. Happy to see that you've continued to focus on your goal (referencing your last post with the Chatter Pix). Looking forward to learning alongside you as you develop a workflow that works for you and your kiddos!