Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Goals After ISTE 2016

Well ISTE 2016 has completed and this is how I currently feel...

It was definitely an amazing experience... maybe even better than Disney World!

Since the conference was insanely large I did get many many many ideas and resources so what I am currently going to do is select 2 goals to focus on for the beginning of the year. Once I feel I have gained experience and can do them easily I will move on to new goals. 

Goal #1: Video Integration
I plan on first starting by researching and learning from YOUTUBE educational channels. I can see the types of things incorporated and also learn time management for a video.
Here are a few of the MATH related channels that were shared with me (there are definitely a TON more and for other subjects; if you want that list just let me know):

This can help me start creating my own youtube videos which can be included in google forms,  itslearning, stations in/out of my classroom, or even creating a hangout in which my students can communicate with others outside our classroom. 
Youtube is not the only place where you can create videos but it is where I fist plan on doing this because there are already so many products out there that I could also use. 
Here is a small list of other online sources you can use to create videos that are interactive for a flipped/blended classroom which is where I am headed:

Goal #2: Student Creation
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn" -Benjamin Franklin
"Knowledge is not something a learner absorbs, but something a learner creates" - Innovators Mindset

These are definitely quotes that have impacted the way I think about teaching! Honestly I have to agree!!! I will begin my school year and make sure that all through out students are the ones digging in the math and creating with it. One of the easiest ways I can immediately see students doing is creating their own videos whether it be to explain, show the process of an experiment, or visualize the math. 
Here is a small list of online sources that can help with student creation (as well as teacher creation):
ExplainEverything is an app to download but is free
Desmos has activities created but can be used to create graphs

I will be posting pictures through out the school year to show my goals as they occur! If you have any ideas or sources please share!!! 

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  1. I have been saving instructions for making a DIY soundproof video recording area for ages - let's get it made! I love video in the classroom, especially student made videos. There is just something about students digging in and making something that they are proud of and that they make for an authentic purpose that makes me feel all excited! I'm so glad ISTE was a success, and can't wait to hear more about what you will implement this year.