Thursday, June 2, 2016

Musings on my #Vantasy classroom

I've been researching and asking my twitter PLN for their favorite "must-haves" in a library learning commons and I've found some pretty awesome ideas!! While I am limited to a degree by furniture (library shelving is WAY expensive), there's some really fun ideas like whiteboard paint for my cement columns and walls, chalk markers to use on the windows, 3D printer, big screen to use with my Chromecast (or Apple TV) for interactive presentations, pillows, small reading nooks, Augmented Reality posters, interactive displays, self-stick Lego base squares that can be used on the wall or a table to build 3D designs, poster sized communal coloring mandalas to allow for creativity to flow in artistic ways, etc. that I can use to make my learning commons more personalized, interactive, and exciting for the kids to use and hopefully inspire curiosity, creativity, and help them build their intellectual capacity.

I've also been reading the Kids Deserve It book by Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome. This is an AMAZING book that along with the Innovator's Mindset book has been inspiring some great ideas for ways to build relationships and connect kids to the outside world. The idea of setting up a social media intern program with a #somskidstweet hashtag so kids can take pictures and tweet out what's going on at SOMS each day. I may add that to my library aides duties next year. This can build up excitement about what's happening at school and hopefully build a digital portfolio for the school year at the same time.

I love everything I'm learning and I have so many ideas, I'm going to have to prioritize and try things one at a time or in manageable chunks. I can't wait for ISTE 2016...I know I'll have so much more to add after that, but until then, I'll keep working on my #Vantasy classroom and do as much DIY stuff as I can to make it the best it can be for the kids!

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  1. I love the intern idea. I'm certain that what I find interesting in the classroom is NOT what kids find interesting in the classroom, so I'm curious to see what they come up with.
    Also can't wait to come color your giant mandalas!