Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Itchy Brain Syndrome

Summer always gets me "itchy" - not in the physical sense, but rather in the need to "scratch my brain".  It seems counter intuitive that I wait until summer to really start focusing on my learning - I mean, shouldn't I be learning alongside my kids? Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but the truth of the matter is, my learning from August to May, with the exception of the occasional PDs that come along (all of which I am so grateful for), is what I would call "reactive", rather than "proactive". My need to learn is driven by what my kids need me to learn to better support them as readers, writers and thinkers in my English classroom, rather than for me to grow as a professional.  So, about this time every year, I develop what I've come to call "Itchy Brain Syndrome".  For me, this manifests in the form of making resolutions, such as "I am going to read my Twitter feed every morning, rather than once a week", or "I am going to make it a habit to diigo the articles I find so I can go back to them later and remember why I thought they were great".  So, for this summer, I'm adding a new one to the list - I am going to start listening to a new podcast I just found called the "Creative Classroom Podcast", and I invite you to do the same.  The podcaster is former middle school teacher, John Spencer, who is now a college professor.  His primary focus is on helping kids to build on their innate creativity, specifically in the classroom, but also in the world. Finally, each web based podcast (found at the link above), is embedded in a corresponding article.  So, to bring this full circle, I am going to be "diigo-ing" the articles as I listen to the corresponding podcast, as well as other articles I find through Twitter, and other sources.  If you'd like to diigo along with me, the name of the diigo group is "Summer Brain Itch".  Let's get scratching!

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