Thursday, March 2, 2017

A new App

I have been working very hard to build number sense with my kids. After working with a few team mates, we decided to focus a lot on word problems that have a missing part. I loved to have them use the app Explain Everything to give them an electronic white board that would share their thinking. I see a huge opportunity to develop thinking and strong academic language. This was one of the first times that we were able to have patience while waiting their turn. iPad groups traded the iPad while those that didn't have the device, worked on a dry erase board. I am hoping that we will be ready to use this same approach for our Where is the Math boards. I think it would be so cool to have kids uncover another kids explanation of the solution! I think this is "Real World" at least form a 6 year olds' world. Here is one example...


  1. I've always loved this app. I think there is so much power in the students teaching others how to do something. I think it's even better that 7 year olds are doing this. How much fun! Setting them up for a lifetime of learning and sharing!

  2. I like that the student also used grammar appropriately with caps and periods! I also loved hearing, "I don't get it" in the background for authentic classroom experience. Thanks for sharing!