Thursday, February 23, 2017

Talking about plants

As part of our science curriculum we are discovering how the plants grow. The students were amazed when the first plants began to sprout. All the learning can be shared in an interview using Seesaw showing their plants and talking about all the different things they learn about the plants.

 Como parte de nuestro currículo de ciencias estamos descubriendo cómo crecen las plantas. Los estudiantes se sorprendieron cuando las primeras plantas empezaron a brotar. Todo el aprendizaje puede ser compartido en una entrevista usando Seesaw mostrando sus plantas y hablando de todas las cosas diferentes que aprenden sobre las plantas


  1. I remember being that age and learning about plants growing. I was in such awe of nature. I really like that you have captured this on video. Do you share your Seesaw with parents?

  2. The power of the tiny seed! Hands on learning is such an important part of the process - I still get excited when I see my plants growing.