Wednesday, November 16, 2016

students in control of their learning

After attending iNACOL blended conference in October, I got an idea for my food science class. Students have learned the concepts needed for the Fall semester. Instead of me deciding how we would apply that knowledge in a project, I would let students decide. Students are working in groups to produce an online recipe book. The only constraints they have are time (it must be completed in a class period including clean up), cost (they can't choose things with too expensive ingredients or hard to find), and they had to be able to explain the science behind the recipe.

Once students decide on a recipe, they need to come up with the list of ingredients, cut the recipe down to a smaller scale and rewrite it, check comments to find the best version of the recipe. Students then make the recipe and take pictures of each step. They also put all the information on a blog to show publish it to the world.

Students enjoy being able to learn about the foods THEY like and learning about new foods. They like making something that others can use and enjoy. They dislike having to think about the science behind their food. It's much easier to just think about what they want to make.

My students blogs are a work in progress but are at

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