Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'...

Yes, yes, yes!!! I am so excited to be rolling along now with teacher collaborations and student projects. The past two weeks have been so crazy, but extremely fun and full of collaboration in the library.

Our 6th grade CSI project began on Monday with my friend, a crime scene investigator for HPD, coming out and spending the day talking to the kids about how to look at evidence, find the facts, make inferences, and look for bias in people's stories.

We also had 4 different stations -

  • A re-created a car accident  
  • Research stations (using infographics) on 3 types of drivers 
    • distracted drivers
    • teenage drivers 
    • drowsy drivers
Day 2, they read and analyzed statements from the 3 drivers and a police report to see if they could decipher facts, bias, and filter the evidence to find the cause of the accident. It's been interactive, full of energy, and more fun and authentic for the kids! They will be completing authentic writing pieces based off of the accident scene as well - newspaper article, diary entry, or a letter to their lawyer (we even have a lawyer who will respond to their letters!)

I've also been working with our U.S. History teachers to help them locate and utilize primary source documents in online activities. They've discovered docsteach,org, the New York Public Library, and the Smithsonian Learning Lab. What has been fun is creating and working through activities on - a fabulous resource from the National Archives! We had kids work through documents about Valley Forge in one activity a couple weeks ago, then we created our own activity we started today about the Articles of Confederation - weighing evidence and deciding on the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles.

Student #1 scale

Student #2 scale
Again, it's amazing to see how much more engaged kids are when they are investigating and doing authentic activities rather than simply taking notes during class...more to come at a later date!

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