Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I like to move it, move it!

I can't believe that it's already almost Thanksgiving break!  This school year has been flying by. 

 As we approach the holiday break, the kids are getting more excited and teachers are getting more creative!  I have been helping teachers implement all sorts of new things, including flexible seating, flexible grouping, and it's learning (this is taking the longest), but the thing that I am most excited about is the progress some teachers have made with Action Based Learning (ABL) stations. 😊

Below are a few students having fun in their spelling workstations.

Other classes have incorporated ABL into their brain breaks, math stations, and other language arts centers.  The kids are enjoying the break from sitting & the teachers a loving the progress kids are making so close to the holiday.  It is amazing how excited and focused students are when you incorporate a little movement into their assignments!

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  1. I've been telling everyone I can about you and ABL. I think that this is such a great way to get the kids up and moving and can be integrated in so many ways. As we enter a time when folks are looking for ways to empower students to own their own learning - I think that a huge piece of that is being able to articulate what they need in order to make learning happen. ABL would be a great strategy for the kids who need to get their wiggles out.