Thursday, November 17, 2016


This seems to be my motto this year.  It feels like it's still the beginning of the year, then I realized this morning when I logged in that there are three more school days with our cherubs until Thanksgiving break!!!!  And of course that means......Christmas is SO close and the year is half over.

Our blended classroom practices are taking hold....students have developed some amazing independent work habits that have shown some great results in their data (data is a key aspect of our focus this year).  They are able to move seamlessly between independent work and team work.  Students will switch from technology based research to a science lab then to testing & traditional practices, showing mastery in all areas and needing no redirection.  We are always moving from teacher presentation to students taking the lead and presenting, then back again.  AND we are having a pretty good time, enjoying the classroom freedoms and respecting the roadmap we've been given.

So my next true focus before wrapping up the first semester.....make ItsLearning become an everyday part of each students' science experience.  Its happening now, but we aren't there yet - the journey has been a little slower than I anticipated, with a lot of stops along the way, but we will get there.

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  1. Sounds like slow and steady with a lot of bumps is the theme of the year. Getting started with a new(ish) endeavor seems to happen that way, but you are seeing the fruits of the labor. It is hard to believe that the year is just about half over, but luckily the second half is a little longer than the first. More time to trudge along the path! :)